Thursday, April 28, 2011

Latika lace

Here's what I have been up to since Spring Break.....


This scarf design is based on a wavy trellis lace from the first Walker treasury. The design from the book has a swirl going up the right side. My scarf has two lace trellises mirror-imaged and swirling away from the center.  So far so good. This is still a work in progress....I am at the center of the scarf where I need to reverse the direction of the trellises so that both ends look the same. And thats where I am stuck.  After several hours swatching, frogging, re-knitting and frogging again, I still don't have a reverse pattern down. It just doesn't look remotely like the swirls on this side. Sigh! I may have to cast off and knit another piece the same as this first and join at the center. I do hate that - to me it is pattern failure. But maybe I could do something decorative in the middle instead of boring Kitchener. Back to some more designing before this can proceed further. I just may have to let this project rest for a while until inspiration strikes and I can finish strong....

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