Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ethereal Pattern

  •  1 skein Misti Alpaca Lace Solid in Ivory - Lace 2-ply 100% Alpaca - 437 yds.
  • Circular Knitting needle 29" (or longer) size 3.5mm - US size 4

  • The shawl is knit straight starting from neck to bottom and side edges. The circular needles are used to easily hold a large number of stitches. 
  • The border (not shown in any chart) is made of two stitches on either end worked in garter stitch throughout.
  • All wrong side (even number) rows are purled. Wrong side rows are not shown on the charts.
  • Gauge is unimportant - use larger needles if a more open, lacy look is desired.  

  • Cast on 5 stitches and work 2 rows in garter st.
  • On the next RS row (1st row on the main chart):
  • k2(border),yo, k1, yo, k2(border)
  • Keep working following the main chart which shows half of the pattern until the center stitch, repeating rows 29-41, adding a motif at each end and two at each side of the center stitch, for 5 times, or until desired length or number of repeats. Remember to work the 2 border stitches on each end in garter st.   
Main Chart: 


  • Starting on row 29 of 5th repeat (or your final repeat) work the Border+Edge chart once. The chart shows one border and edge motif which are repeated all around. Also the center stitch is not shown in this chart. Remember to work the 2 border stitches on each end in garter st.
 Border+Edge chart:
  • Bind off :
    •  k1, put the stitch back on left needle, k2tog. Repeat until all stitches are bound off.
  • Block.
This pattern is available as pdf on Ravelry......
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ethereal triangular shawl

After working on several experiments on designing a triangular shawl or wrap, here's the one that I actually finished (unlike the others that were frogged..). There were several stages in the middle when I was tempted to give up on this one too and send it on to hibernation. But, after several pattern enhancements, when I got bored in the middle, and for whatever other reasons (nothing to do when it's snowing and bitterly cold outside, late nights staying up with a middle schooler doing homework, excuse to avoid exercise of any kind now that the marathon is over.....) this made it to the finish line. Here it is:

The pattern for this will be made tech ready (after I figure out what I meant to say in the scrawled bits around the hand-drawn charts from 3 months ago) and available here.....soon....