Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ethereal Pattern

  •  1 skein Misti Alpaca Lace Solid in Ivory - Lace 2-ply 100% Alpaca - 437 yds.
  • Circular Knitting needle 29" (or longer) size 3.5mm - US size 4

  • The shawl is knit straight starting from neck to bottom and side edges. The circular needles are used to easily hold a large number of stitches. 
  • The border (not shown in any chart) is made of two stitches on either end worked in garter stitch throughout.
  • All wrong side (even number) rows are purled. Wrong side rows are not shown on the charts.
  • Gauge is unimportant - use larger needles if a more open, lacy look is desired.  

  • Cast on 5 stitches and work 2 rows in garter st.
  • On the next RS row (1st row on the main chart):
  • k2(border),yo, k1, yo, k2(border)
  • Keep working following the main chart which shows half of the pattern until the center stitch, repeating rows 29-41, adding a motif at each end and two at each side of the center stitch, for 5 times, or until desired length or number of repeats. Remember to work the 2 border stitches on each end in garter st.   
Main Chart: 


  • Starting on row 29 of 5th repeat (or your final repeat) work the Border+Edge chart once. The chart shows one border and edge motif which are repeated all around. Also the center stitch is not shown in this chart. Remember to work the 2 border stitches on each end in garter st.
 Border+Edge chart:
  • Bind off :
    •  k1, put the stitch back on left needle, k2tog. Repeat until all stitches are bound off.
  • Block.
This pattern is available as pdf on Ravelry......
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  1. Thank you so much for sharing is lovely!

  2. Help! I couldn't figure out the chart. When I start with 5 stitches I end up with too many stitches with the yarn overs. Would you be willing to help a newbie? This is my translation of the chart:
    Row One and Two: Knit
    Row Three: k2, you, k, yo, k2 (gives you 5 stitches on needle)
    Row four: k2, P3, k2
    Row Five: k2,yo,k1,yo,yo, k1,yo,k2 (10 stitches on needle)
    Row Seven: k2,yo, k,k,yo,yo,k,k,yo,k2 (16 stitches on needle)
    Where am I going wrong? This is my first time trying Lace knitting other than socks.
    Thanks so much for your help and what a beautiful pattern!

  3. MJ
    you are doing 2 things that are different from what I have in the chart
    1. Your row7 which is main-chart row5 is different... So it should be k2,yo,k3,yo on each side of the center stitch, instead of k2,yo,k2,yo.
    2. Also you don't have a center st: on your row5, chart-row3 there is a k between the 2 center yo. Your way works too, you may end up with slightly bigger holes in the center. I just added a pointer to this for the main-chart.

    Hope this didn't confuse you even more...good luck! Lace knitting is simple math, really!

  4. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pattern.

  5. What a lovely design, thank you. I quickly knit one up in worsted weight, but didn't properly account for how large the edging is, so cut that short at the end of the multiples-diamond.

  6. Breathtaking, Oh thank you!! This is on my to do list for sure...

  7. Thank you for very generously giving us such a magnificent shawl pattern. It's stunning and it's hard to find such lovely shawls that are kindly donated to other knitters. I hope that one day, when you're searching for a pattern for a special yarn, you find the perfect one, and it's a gift for you as yours is for us. Thanks again!

  8. Hi. Thank you for designing and sharing this beautiful pattern. I've got a quick question about the k3togs.
    In the chart I downloaded from Ravelery the Stitch Key denotes that the majority of the k3togs up until row 59 on chart 2 B are s2tog, k1, psso's. On row 59 of chart 2 B we start different k3togs, the first is keyed as s1kw, k2tog, psso on the right side of the shawl and the opposite side of the chart has a k3tog.
    However on the chart on this page the k3togs are all the same throughout the pattern and are denoted as s1, k2tog, psso's.
    Which route would you suggest?

  9. salve, mi servirebbe un aiuto, non capisco cosa significa ke yo e altri simboli qualcuno mi puo aiutare? grazie infinite, veramente avrei bisogno di una versione italiana, grazie di nuovo

  10. Having issues with chart 1 row 31, It says it should end up with 59 stitches and you end up with 60 if you count off the chart? Also when you knit the two sides of the center stitch they just don't work out. So I'm stuck on this and not sure if I'm just seeing it wrong?

  11. Ok I figured it out. The error is in the written pattern. I checked on the chart and it's fine. FYI on the written pattern. row 31. on the second half in the second bracket set... [ there is an extra ssk ]. Should read [ k2, yo, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk, yo, k2, S2KP ]