Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pictures of the Paisley Shawl

Main Body
I like the way the paisleys turned out in this part....just as I imagined....The two paisleys mirror-imaged on the center stitch and radiating away from it.

Here's a picture showing the detail of the right side of the shawl.......
Main Body - Right Side closeup

And here's the left side ......up close...........
Main Body - Left side closeup

Finished and Blocking!
And here's a picture of it blocking.... I hate how the large paisleys in the border look like lopsided diamonds. The two swirls in the extreme tips below the border paisleys don't show up right either.
 Next I'll try and get some pictures of it in use ..... with better lighting .....maybe it'll be fine and I won't need to undo and rework the border and edge.


  1. Merhaba..Şallarının hepside birbirinden güzel..tebrikler..

  2. I became your fan after knitting the Ethereal shawl from Ravelry. The paisleys were something I thought about just 30 minutes before entering your blog. Thank you, by the way, for making the Ethereal free... :)

  3. A beauty!
    Love and Light,